Friday, October 30, 2009

Plenty of Treats. What's the Trick?


So, I've got a lot of pretty awesome stuff goin' on the next 10-odd days but I'm a little hesitant to spend too much time typety-typing about it.

Blog traffic has been about as busy as Omaha at rush hour and I'll be home in just two weeks, and then home again for Thanksgiving.

Here's a rundown of things that I've done or am doing this week:

David Shore, creater of House coming to class
Visiting the set of "Ghost Whisperer"
Visiting the set of "How I met Your Mother"
I'm submitting to be a director of a Coca Cola commercial
I'm submitting to direct one of next semester's advanced projects
..........and Steven Spielberg is coming to the "Spielberg class" to answer questions from students.

Now, lots going on there, but here's the rub: do I bother filling in all the fun details right here on MGH, or do I just live my life and extrapolate when I get home?

If you're still reading me and want more posts, please do speak up.

Otherwise I can happily fill y'all in later and spend my free time sleeping and such.

The choice is yours.

Trick or treat.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Intern of Steel

Faster than a speeding golf cart, less powerful than a production assistant, and able to pick up tall lattes in a single run.....

Yes, its Mark Kosin: SMALLVILLE intern!

As I've mentioned before this semester has been designated the "Semester of Television", and nothing else I'm doing these few months can compare to the amazing experience I've had so far interning at the CW show Smallville.

Entering its 9th (wow) season, its no secret that this prequel series to the adventures of Superman had its highest popularity when it first started in the early 2000s. I'm not the biggest fan of hour dramas on TV, except when they branch out of the usual "doctor-cop-lawyer" cage, which is just what Smallville does. (Also see: LOST, MADMEN, and GLEE.)

Anyway, its been amazing because I'm working in the writers' office of an hour-long TV show being produced for network television and am getting a first-hand look at how a show really comes together and operates day-to-day.

Now, all the shooting takes place in Vancouver, Canada, so I don't get to go on set or see production at all. I did, however, get included in a bit of behind-the-scenes fun in post-production (which all takes place at Warner Brothers in Burbank).

They needed some extra ADR (audio dialogue recording) for tonight's episode and wrangled me and another intern to record some dialogue. It was really cool to see the facilities and the process (they do everything so QUICKLY). And so, if you listen in on tonight's episode (#4 - Echo, check local listings) you may briefly hear my voice coming in over the airwaves of the CW tonight.

Voice acting is just one of my many talents...the rest are of course linked to the usual office work, but its all good. Tons more little cool things happen everyday, which help keep my buoyant during the almost 2 hours of round trip commuting I do each day to get there. I don't mind it, though: all part of living and working in this damned city. The only way to really avoid it would be to fly, and that would be just...


Monday, October 5, 2009

Five Ring Circus

So, I waited all weekend for my blood to settle to talk a bit about Chicago losing the bid for the 2016 Olympics.

But, it didn't.

Even thinking about many of the contributing factors that led to Chicago finishing 4th (f***ing FOURTH?!) in the IOC voting just makes my blood boil and my head get so full of angry thoughts that it just isn't worth my personal health to get all riled up about it.

Much like last October, when a similar sense of loss pierced my soul, I am in an unfortunate situation. Though living out here in La-La it is a bit easier to just "move on" with life, as Daley suggested we all do in his postmortem on the bid, what is worse is a hollowness, an emptiness, because nobody out here CARES.

When my team loses its chance for postseason glory for the 10oth year, or my city suffers an astounding defeat in front of the whole world, then DAMNIT, I WANT to be mired in sadness for the next few days, surrounded by omnipresent reminders of the failure. It is through this process that true healing can emerge.

Instead, I'm forced to be in LA, where nobody cares about anything, and listen to idiots blather on about "its great for Rio" or "Let's go Dodgers!". Morons.

Being out here is almost worse, because it makes the pain and frustration seem unjustified, when I know if I was in the CHI there would hundreds of fellow mourners to connect with at local watering holes.

So when looking at the possibility of what could have gone better or who is to blame, instead of wrangling with the different demons of "not enough support locally" or a "failure to navigate international IOC politics" I pretty much just chose to forget the past and move on, not because it is the best thing to do, but because it is the only thing to do.

I made no secret of my passion for this particular endeavor for our fair city, and am still incredibly frustrated with the final results, but there's not a whole lot to be done about it now. Wish I could conjure up some more frothy ranting, built its just not there. Instead, just like after Game 3 last year, its just empty.