Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lock, Rock, and Two Weeks of Soundwork

Today is picture lock for the carousel doc and it's been a non stop wham-bam of problems since getting back from my incredibly fun but exceptionally poorly timed trip back to Chicago.

Pic lock was supposed to be at 1:30pm PDT. It's now 5:30pm, and we're still not quite done.

This is how it always goes, though. A million little things always crop up when the final hours and minutes tick away on the final edit of the film. And though the editors will be partying hard once this is all said and done, I get to look forward to the next few weeks of overseeing sound, putting together a press kit, and scraping together the last pennies our production has to finish this damn thing.

Just so y'all know what I'm up to, and why the posts have been few and far between as of late.

Great times back in the CHI though, despite coming home with some kind of sore throat-cold-thing. Perhaps due to the hours of drinking in near-freezing rain Monday morning before the Cubs home opener.

Whatever: I regret nothing!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hooray for the greatest day of the year! Didn't get to watch the entire Cubs game but caught the final three innings and saw Gregg close it out.

Can't we just move President's Day to the beginning of April?

Isn't that what the founding fathers would have wanted?