Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always Coca-Cola

Well, coming off USA's AMAZING win over the Canadians in Olympic hockey I'm afraid to drop a little bad news for all out there in BlogLand.

"REDNEZVOUS", my Coke commercial, did not win the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmakers Award.

The award went to "Message in a Bottle", a USC spot that was directed/produced by very good friends from my semester.

Now, of course, this is a disappointment as it would have been INCREDIBLE to win. But, as far as the competition goes, I thought we put a great commercial together and it just wasn't what Coke was looking for. We all knew what commercial we set out to make and that's what we did.

Furthermore, I am extremely proud of the final product and can't imagine making any other spot in the same position so I don't think I would have done anything differently and have no regrets.

Just the opposite, in fact. After getting over the initial news I had to step back and reflect on what a great ride it had been. I have ALWAYS loved Coca-Cola and to get a budget from Coke to direct a commercial that I pitched them was a fantastic experience. The evening I found out I went to my humidor, grabbed a cigar, and smoked it in my "yard" and just thought about how lucky I was...this was certainly something I wouldn't have foreseen when I first traveled out here two years ago.

Now, in the wake of the news I was a little bummed, and when Ash Wednesday snuck up on me I must confess I flirted with the idea of giving up Coke for Lent. For years I've heard about the negative effects Coke can have on the body and thought "Hey, maybe this is a sign that I should give up Coke, perhaps I'll find I get along without it just fine and wont need to drink it ever again."


That thought lasted about as long as Cubs momentum in the playoffs!

Coca-Cola has always and will ALWAYS be a part of who I am. I have changed a lot over the years, and some things have fallen by the wayside (oh Jagerbombs and MSNBC...what fond memories we had!) but there's a few things that are integral, that may very well be weaved into my very DNA, and I'm pretty sure the refreshing beverage in the bright red can from Atlanta is one of them.

It is so delicious. So familiar. So...AMERICAN, that I don't even want to think of a Mark Kosin who doesn't like a refreshing Coca-Cola. That guy would probably be an asshole.

I will be forever grateful to Coke for the opportunity to direct this commercial. And just cuz the contest is over doesn't mean this thing will sit under my bed next to "Chhk chhk BOOM and a Happy New Year" and collect dust. This baby's still got legs and I'm exploring the options to keep RENDEZVOUS out there (in festivals or on my reel or whatever) to squeeze out every bit of potential.

Not to mention it gets to stay on the CCRFA website for at least a year, so that's pretty cool.

Oh, and also, if anyone has any thoughts or comments there's no need to feel the impulse to tear apart "Message in a Bottle" or some of the other commercials.

After breaking the news I've had some anonymous friends say the winner was the worst. Well, if that's the case, how does that make me feel better? That I lost to a shitty commercial?

In the same vein, I'm FB friends with the winners and some had posts on their wall to the tune of "All the other commercials sucked". Does that make them feel good? Like, "Hey, good thing you faced a really weak pool of candidates! A 50 second movie of a llama chewing on a Coke can could have beaten that field of losers!"

Not a big deal, just something I kinda observed. I thought "Message" was one of our toughest competitors and I was right.

Though I do wonder what the "judges" were thinking. I wonder if it was close?

As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to imagine they broke down into a "12 Angry Men" style stalemate...logging late hours and going through case after case of cigarettes and Coca-Cola...until, at long last, they finally reached a painstaking decision. Only those in the room will know how close it was.

Hmmm...probably not. But, you never know. The thing to do now is focus on my writing and other endeavors and keep preparing myself for the inevitable cliff coming my way at the end of this year.

Hey, if things ever get too hot, there's always Coca-Cola.

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