Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Those About to Lock.....

We Salute You!

The AC/DC homage is in reference to PICTURE LOCK, which is the glorious, stressful, liberating date in which the picture edit of my film is permanently locked in place, and will be the final cut of my film. And it's today.

Wait a minute? When we last spoke didn't you just screen the first weekend of dailies?

Yeah, yeah, it's been a while and a whole bunch of stuff has happened in the 21 days since my last post. So here's the cliff notes version.

Weekend #2 (Nov 7 - 9): First weekend at supermarket location. Mr. Derek Dion arrived to be my assistant director. Shot our big "fight scene" with the stunt coordinator and things went pretty well.

[pic 1-stunt coordinator Bill plans the fight], [pic 2-Todd and Javier: two of the best actors I've worked with], [pic 3-Derek and I watch on as my partner gets one of many low-angle shots]

Weekend #3 (Nov 14 - 15): A relatively light weekend. One night at the supermarket and shot some pick-up and insert shots at my apartment and wrapped getting the final shots on the beach in Santa Monica. Derek flew back to CHI. Had a taco wrap party. Cubs win.

[pic 1-yet another low-angle shot, while I, as the director, impart a sense of calmness to cast and crew w/ my Hawaiian shirt], [pic 2-Dion, west-coastin'], [pic 3-me, after we wrapped:Cubs Win!]
[pic 4-as cast and crew clean up, I snap a great pic from a safe distance]

Last weekend (Nov 21 - 23): editing, editing, drinking, editing.

I've got a bunch of productions still photos I'll be postin' later. For now, I am so nervous/relieved because by 1pm Pacific time my picture edit will be completed, and the only thing that will stand between me and a finished film will be hours upon hours of working on the soundtrack of the film, which involves such fun stuff as sound FX, voice recording, musical score and....eh, I don't even want to think about it.

Since picture lock is today and I knew I'd be spending crazy amounts of time in the edit lab, I sadly will not be making the trip back home for Thanksgiving. I will certainly be missing friends, family, and Apple Spice Leinenkugels at Curly's in downtown Glen Ellyn tonight. But I'll be doing my best to keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive out here when I throw a turkey in the oven tmmrw. Let's hope that bird flies.

Not, literally....


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