Friday, January 27, 2012

Shit I Say

So, I'll dispense with apologies / excuses for not blogging in months. As previously seen, my time at a certain corporate entity made it so I needed to keep my day-to-day musings on entertainment to a relative whisper.

HOWEVER, my self-impossed muzzle does not let preclude me from addressing my first (but certainly not last) Celebrity Twitter Feud!*

*Not really a feud....barely even a scuffle...but still...

This scuffle (or, even that's too much, let's call it a "misTwitterstanding"), this misTwitterstanding occurred with a personal hero and Chicago sportscasting icon, Mr. Stacey King (@Sky21King).

How doth this tragedy unfurl? We'll have to wind it back to December 12, 2011....

This is when the ubiquitous "Shit Girls Say" debuted and went viral faster than a video of Mitt Romney getting an erection while firing American workers. The video is very funny, very well done and mercifully short....

After the video skyrocketed to internet and pop culture fame, it produced hundreds of thousands of knock-offs, from "Shit Asian Girls Say" to "Shit Mixed Kids Say" to "Shit Relaxed Girls Say to Natural Hair Girls".

The copycats of course spread to geographic locations and of course "Shit New Yorkers Say" and "Shit People Say in L.A.*" Both are moderately funny wink and nods to the local lifestyle but both suffer from being too long (over 2 min, original SGS is 1:19) and just not that original.

*Props are warranted that the L.A. vid was titled "Shit People Say in L.A." rather than "Shit Los Angelinos Say" since most of the jokes are from the great swath of folks who've transplanted themselves to Cali 

It was with an upset stomach and clenched eyes that I awaited the "Shit Chicagoans Say" video to snake it's way into my Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. Worried that it would befall the same problems of every other video and, gasp, maybe even be worse.

Then it happened and I bore witness to this "Shit Chicagoans Say" video. Yikes. WAY too long... poor prod value... just the one guy... Dude, I like the enthusiasm and I guess I can't blame you for trying to ride the snake but.....*sigh*.

The second that I saw it I wanted to rip it apart, but figured I'd try to spin a negative to a positive and showcase something truly unique to Chicago - the amazing proclamations of Stacey King in remix form care of a local Chicago hip-hop producer @NewToneProducer.

Only a Chicagoan would have the hip-hop sensibilities and skill combined with a love of Da Bulls and Stacey King to produce such a sick mash-up of D. Rose's exploits. So I tweeted - 

"Make no mistake about it, this is REALLY shit that chicagoans say - or anything else that comes out of "

Simply to pre-empt anyone who would view the video I thought was sub-par and instead showcase a true viral work of art. But Stacey King had other thoughts about me calling him out, responding...

" LOL...sounds like you're a little bitter? Lose the son & quit tweeting hate & do something positive with "

Oh no! Stacey thinks I'm bitter! He thinks I'm tweeting HATE! He thinks I'm not doing anything positive with my life!

This sends me into an ideological tailspin....and not the good kind of 'Tailspin' where Baloo the bear is a pilot for some reason....

Maybe Stacey is RIGHT? Maybe I'm just jealous because I am a Chicagoan living in LA and lack the ability to make my own 'Shit Chicagoans Say' video because I'm surrounded by palm trees and Lakers wait, Clippers.... no, wait.. back to!?

Well, I may dispute Stacey's claim that I am tweeting hate (I mean, I do tweet hate, isn't that what twitter is for?)...but I never wanted to tweet hate in Stacey King's direction. Or even in the direction of that poor guy who tried his best to make a "Shit Chicagoans Say" video. (Still, though, it's NOT good, right?...I mean, other people say 'huh?' don't they?)

But, I WILL take Stacey's advice to do something positive with my life (right after I finish using my time to write this rather inane blog post).

I'll make my OWN video... no, that's annoying....

But, no matter what, I've learned a valuable lesson from Stacey King that I may just take as my new personal motto -

"Don't HATE... CREATE"



Ugh... that's the stupidest motto I've ever heard. Fuck it, I've got a different motto -

"Hey Kosin, why don't you stop tweeting B.S. on Twitter and spend a little bit more time on your own writing, you self-involved, social-networking addicted loser?!!"

Mmmmmm... that looks about right. That's a motto I could turn into a Successories poster or something...



Yeah, that looks pretty good.


Now I'm doing something positive with #mylife.

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