Wednesday, July 28, 2010

one. post. per. month.

its a new idea i'm toying with...kind of a retro-throwback to the Civil War days when information was exchanged by monthly letters written in long-winded colloquial, shockingly violent and unintentionally racist language...

"Dear Momma,

Today we ran amuck on a collection of two-hundred Confederate soldiers and gutted most of thiem like chickens on Flag Day. We had so many bodies that we couldn't cross the bridge, so I asked some strong-muscled field-working negroes help us push the tattered corpses into the river. The Injuns who lived down stream got angry, but we told 'em we would fill our canteens with their children's blood if they didn't let us proceed on to, God-willing, win this Civil War. Hope the family is well; give Chipper a carrot for me!

Love, Billy"

Those were the days.

But yes, I have fallen into my usual summer trap of neglecting the blog. I suppose I could talk all about the thesis film that I am co-producing. Its the directing thesis of a USC student who's a few semesters ahead of me - he's actually the DP who made my Coke commercial look oh-so gorgeous back in '09. Its a fun project and learning a lot about what it takes to put a bigger-scale project together. Budget of over $30K, semi-professional crew that will number over twenty people, 10 days of shooting.

Needless to say it has pretty much been munching up most of my time.

I could go into more detail about the film...OR I could be lazy and just direct you to our website - - - - - >

I've also been working a bunch to earn a little bit more green this summer. I'm continuing to work at the production office but also been assisting for a summer class - Music Video Production.

Now, as most will know, especially if you've read certain blog posts, I've never been an encyclopedia of musical expertise. But I took this job just so I could expand the musical horizons and learn a thing or two about the making a good music video.

Its been fantastic, because I essentially get to take the class without that added burden of making something in a very short time and I actually get paid to watch music videos and have video directors come in and talk.

Seen some great vids and its really made me want to try and shoot one next semester. Even though the one thing that I've heard consistantly is that you really can't make a career as a music video director, but its a great calling card and just a sh*tload of fun to do. You can pretty much do whatever you want in a music video and if it works - great!

Kind of like film school....

Anyway, as always, will try to keep updating this ol' thing. I guess right now have been so focused on figuring out how to move beyond film school that reporting on the details of still being in film school is starting to feel like old news.

HOPEFULLY I will start to have really exciting stuff to write endlessly about soon but in the meantime I'll pass along the more interesting points of still being in the Trojan Army as often as possible.